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Nedlasting og publisering av bilder fra nettsiden er ikke tillatt uten forutgående avtale og betaling, og vi vil umiddelbart forfølge eventuelle brudd på opphavsretten.

Picture Credits

Professional photographers credited:
Derek St Romaine, Garden Photo Library, UK: 1) Lilac floral arrangement in vase with teacup and book showing old botanical print. 2) Fothergilla autumn foliage. – A rights managed horticultural and garden picture library

Alan Buckingham, gardening author and photographer: Rosa gallica ‘Duc de Guiche’.  

Garden Photographer and Author | Alan Buckingham

Stock photo companies, photographer credited:
Alamy Stock Photo, photographer James Cade: Magnolia x loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’.

Alamy Stock Photo, photographer Rolf Müller: Magnolia x loebneri ‘Encore’.

Can Stock Photo, photographer Jochen: 1) Magnolia buds in Winter, 2) Magnolia buds shortly before blooming.

Thanks to the following talented and generous people with photos on They all contributed to the website with spectacular images:

G524_persoon2: “A burst of intense beauty”. Magnolias in Arboretum Wespelaar. Maria | Flickr

LiliAnn: “Still life with lilac”. Lilac ‘Sensation’ in vase. *LiliAnn* | Flickr

Hereisabee: “Aster frikartii and Symphyotrichum ‘Little Carlow’ ”. Richard Barrett | Flickr

Toshio: “Magnolia blossoms at the Smithsonian Castle in Washington DC”. Toshio | Flickr

Sheepdog Rex: “Swyncombe Church, Oxfordshire”. Aconites and snowdrops. Rex Harris | Flickr

Thorbard: “Sunshine and Magnolia 9329”. Magnolias at Mottisfont. Andrew Menage | Flickr

Plantaholic Sheila: 1) Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’, 2) Colesbourne snowdrops, landscape and close-up image. Plantaholic Sheila | Flickr

Ron Whiteman: “4727-acr-auto”. Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’. Ron Whiteman | Flickr

Klaus Sinuett: “Königin von Dänemark”. ‘Queen of Denmark’ (R.alba) rose. Klaus Sinuett | Flickr

Coyoty: “Magnolia leaves after rain”. Coyoty | Flickr

Jardin Botanique Nancy: Syringa vulgaris cultivar close-up images, 1)‘Léon Gambetta’, 2)‘Olivier de Serres’, 3)‘Réaumur’. Jardin Botanique Nancy | Flickr      

Chipmunk_1: Acer japonicum ‘Vitifolium’, autumn foliage. Alvin Kho | Flickr

Tatters: Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Rustica Rubra’. Tatters ✾ | Flickr

Wikipedia: Paeonia officinalis.

A few pictures considered of uncertain internet origin. Legal claims will be honored.

All other images by Arild Johan Landsnes. Copyright

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Lilianna McIlvenna, Maria Swinnens, Derek St Romaine and Paco Garin. You made this project be lifted up to another and unexpected level. What a pleasure to watch Paco Garins magnolia pictures from Iturraran Botanical Garden near San Sebastian! The lilac and teacup image of Derek St Romaine has been my favourite photo on this planet since almost thirty years, and was perfect for the A.J. story chapter. And Maria Swinnens’ wonderful image from Arboretum Wespelaar in Belgium simply had to be the gate welcome into our universe of magnolias & lilacs.

Finally I want to honour Silja Digranes who step by step tailored the website to fit my taste and furthermore please my demanding and pedantic wishes. 

Engersand, April 2021.
Arild Johan Landsnes.

En spesiell takk til Lilianna McIlvenna, Maria Swinnens, Derek St Romaine og Paco Garin. Dere gjorde at dette prosjektet ble løftet opp på et annet og uventet nivå. Hvilken fornøyelse å se Paco Garins magnolia-bilder fra Iturraran Botaniske Hage nær San Sebastian! Derek St Romaine sitt foto med syriner i vase, tekopp, bok og briller har vært mitt favorittbilde på denne planeten i snart tretti år, og passet perfekt til A.J.-kapitlet. Og Maria Swinnens’ vidunderlige magnolia-foto fra Arboretum Wespelaar i Belgia var ganske enkelt det rette velkomstbilde som entré til vårt univers av magnolia og syriner.

Til sist vil jeg takke Silja Digranes som steg for steg har skreddersydd nettstedet til å passe min smak og ellers etterkomme mine kravfulle og pedantiske ønsker.

Engersand, April 2021.
Arild Johan Landsnes.